Two Bugs are Better Than One

Book and Lyrics by Jenny Stafford
Music by Willem Oosthuysen

Students at the Peachtree School for Insects are up to their usual antics, but today there is a buzz in the air because Fiona the Firefly, the leader of their community, has disappeared! Marvin and Anna, a scatter-brained moth and a studious worker bee, are assigned the duty of finding Fiona and bringing her back to safety. During this 45-minute original musical, children will travel with Marvin and Anna on an epic journey of self-discovery. Along the way, they’ll meet a sassy spider, a dramatic mosquito and a sly fly, all of whom teach an important lesson about how collaboration, cooperation and self-confidence can help save the day!

Two Bugs are Better Than One was originally commissioned by the New York City Children’s Theatre.  The show is on a three-year touring contract through the NYC area, and received an off-Broadway run in 2015.

Performer Credits:
Hector Manuel, Vanessa Spica, Diana Fox