The Star Child

Book by Jenny Stafford
Lyrics by Sarah Underwood
Music by Josh Freilich
                                                                                                Based on Oscar Wilde’s short stories, this fun-filled musical follows Mattan, the self-proclaimed "most beautiful boy in the world.”  When a suave Marketing Man comes to town to send Mattan on tour, his fame goes to his head. However, when he becomes so self-centered and cruel that a witch takes his beauty, he must go on a journey and learn to see beauty through the eyes of others.

The Star Child was a finalist for the Ronald M. Ruble New Play Competition, and was presented at the Emerging Artists Theatre, the Finger Lakes Musical Theatre Festival, and French Woods.

Performer Credits:
Mykal Kilgore, Hannah Elless, Jason “Sweet Tooth” Williams, Nick Corely, Anne Fraser Thomas, Cecily Daniels, Patrick Oliver Jones