The Homefront

Book by Jenny Stafford
Music and Lyrics by Sam Salmond

Based on the accounts of WWII female factory workers, The Homefront is a rock musical about a woman’s fight for equality and the beginning of a feminist revolution in the American workforce. The war is won and that very same day, women workers are fired and ordered to return to the home and prepare for the soldiers’ return.

Ruth and James, a young progressive couple, try to restart their life, but soon find the war has changed them too much. The promise of starting a family with Ruth is the only thing that helped James through the horrors overseas. Ruth, having found independence and self-worth in her career, isn’t ready to raise a child and be relegated to the home.

When the factory begins hiring local men, including James, Ruth and the other women form a union and fight back. They take to the streets and soon find themselves head to head with those in power.

The Homefront is a musical about the challenges and joys of being a woman in America.

The Homefront was presented as part of the Village Festival of New Musicals in Issaquah, Washington, after being a recipient of a developmental residency.  The show will be further developed through Village Theatre in March of 2019.


Extended Stay

Book and Lyrics by Jenny Stafford
Music and Lyrics by Scotty Arnold 

Based on the Russian novel Oblomov, Extended Stay follows Owen, a young man who checked into the extended stay hotel in Mishawaka, Indiana, five years ago—and has not been able to convince himself to leave his room since. Plagued by both fear and ennui, Owen finds himself stuck in every sense of the word.  However, when the new front desk clerk, Emma, arrives, she is desperate to pull herself out of her own “stuckness” after a massive life failure. Part of her plan includes excelling at her new job, in which she is instructed to evict Owen.  As the two come together in their shared anxiety, they struggle to help each other crawl up out of their dark pasts and live new lives.

Extended Stay was selected for the Rhinebeck Writers Retreat, and was presented as part of the Florida Festival of New Musicals.  It was also a finalist for the Yale Institute for Musical Theatre, and a semi-finalist for the Eugene O'Neill Musical Theatre Conference.

Performer Credits: 
Ryan Vona, Hana Slevin, Eric William Morris

Cirque du Soliel’s Paramour

Story by West Hyler
Music by “Bob and Bill” (Mark Lessard and Guy Dubuc)
Co-composer and Lyricist Andreas Carlsson
Additional Lyrics by Jenny Stafford

Cirque du Soleil has dazzled audiences the world over, and after a successful Broadway run, Paramour—its boldest, most heart-soaring spectacle ever--is moving to Hamburg, Germany in 2019. Paramour spins the thrilling tale of a beautiful young actress forced to choose between love and art in the glamorous world of Golden Age Hollywood. 

Featuring eye-popping acrobatics and sumptuous music and dance, Paramour is a groundbreaking new event that will transport you to a sublime world of emotion and awe as it walks the exhilarating tightrope of the heart.

The Artist and the Scientist

Book and Lyrics by Jenny Stafford
Music by Brandon Anderson
Story by Jenny Stafford and Brandon Anderson

The Artist and the Scientist is a musical that takes place over the span of five minutes, in the moment between a Scientist’s proposal to his girlfriend, an Artist, and her decision.  An out-of-space, out-of-time folk rock musical that explores the creative and scientific forces that make us who we are, and the people who challenge us to open ourselves to something more.

The Artist and the Scientist received an off-off Broadway run at the CAP 21 Theatre Company in 2015.


Performer Credits:
Jamila Sabares-Klem, James Penca, Christina Deccico, Brandon Anderson. Piano: Kristen Rosenfeld


Book and Lyrics by Jenny Stafford
Music by Willem Oosthuysen

Emily, at age 14, is convinced that she’s a prodigy, just like her two heroes—her dad (a cellist) and Mozart. She just doesn’t know at what. However, when Emily is told that her father is killed in a car crash right before his biggest competition, she is determined to find out what makes her special and make him proud. With the help of her imaginary friend, Mozart, she sets off on a quest to find her skill.

Through non-linear storytelling, we also follow Emily at age 34. Having found her skill as a cellist like her father, she has buried herself in the obsessive world of the cello, and Cello (portrayed by an actor throughout the piece) becomes the only real relationship in her life. However, as she starts to discover the limitations of her isolation, she is challenged to reexamine who her father was, who she is, and how music, mental illness, and art define her and the world she has created for herself.

Prodigy received a full production through CCU, after being presented at New York University’s Collaborative Development Program, Indiana University, the Harrisburg New Works Festival, and the Two Rivers Theatre.  Prodigy was also a finalist for the Yale Institute for Musical Theatre, the Eugene O’Neill Musical Theatre Conference, and the Barrington Stage Mainstage.


Performer Credits:
Alyse Alan Louis, Cyrilla Baer, James Sasser, Stephen Mark, Patrick Burr, Tara Halpern. Cello: Alden Terry


Based on the novella by Kate Chopin
Book by Jenny Stafford
Music by J. Oconer Navarro
Lyrics by Joel B. New

Set in 1899 Louisiana, Awakening tells the story of Edna Pontellier, a young mother of two and the wife of a successful New Orleans businessman. While the family is vacationing at a seaside resort, Edna becomes acquainted with Robert Lebrun, a younger man who sparks feelings and confidence that Edna had forgotten. When she returns to the city, Edna throws off the trappings of her old life -- devotion to family, attention to societal expectations, and adherence to tradition -- to explore her own wants, interests, and desires. But her independence comes with a price.

Awakening was the recipient of the Margo Lion Award, a Frederick Loewe Foundation Grant, and is a two-time finalist for the Eugene O’Neill Musical Theatre Conference.

Performer Credits:
Farah Alvin, Carrie Love, Roy Raines, Devin Ilaw, David Burnham, Mariand Torres, Isabel Santiago

The Star Child

Book by Jenny Stafford
Lyrics by Sarah Underwood
Music by Josh Freilich
                                                                                                Based on Oscar Wilde’s short stories, this fun-filled musical follows Mattan, the self-proclaimed "most beautiful boy in the world.”  When a suave Marketing Man comes to town to send Mattan on tour, his fame goes to his head. However, when he becomes so self-centered and cruel that a witch takes his beauty, he must go on a journey and learn to see beauty through the eyes of others.

The Star Child was a finalist for the Ronald M. Ruble New Play Competition, and was presented at the Emerging Artists Theatre, the Finger Lakes Musical Theatre Festival, and French Woods.

Performer Credits:
Mykal Kilgore, Hannah Elless, Jason “Sweet Tooth” Williams, Nick Corely, Anne Fraser Thomas, Cecily Daniels, Patrick Oliver Jones

Beating a Dead Horse

Steve and Marty Martin are two brothers on the brink of closing their failing pet funeral home, “A Nice Farm Upstate With Plenty of Room to Run Around.”  That is, until an eccentric, rich old lady offers them a fortune for the funeral of her nearly dead racehorse, Sir Trots-A-Lot. There's only one problem:  the horse won't die.

Beating a Dead Horse is the recipient of the 2017 Reva Shiner Comedy Award, and received a full production at the Bloomington Playwrights Project.  The show was written and presented through an artist residency at the Ross Ragland Theatre, and received a workshop production through the Athena Project.


Book and Lyrics by Jenny Stafford
Music by Willem Oosthuysen

This classic fairytale comes alive in a fresh, new way in this reinvented adaptation.  Cinderella dreams of attending the ball thrown by Prince Andrew, a young prince who is nowhere near ready to be King.  Through her kind heart and the help of dear friends (Fairy Godmother and Sir Mikhail), the two embark on a journey to find what truly makes a King or Queen.

Cinderella was originally commissioned by the Spotlight Youth Theatre, and has received over 15 full productions across the United States and Canada.

Performer Credits:
Jenny Stafford and Willem Oosthuysen

Two Bugs are Better Than One

Book and Lyrics by Jenny Stafford
Music by Willem Oosthuysen

Students at the Peachtree School for Insects are up to their usual antics, but today there is a buzz in the air because Fiona the Firefly, the leader of their community, has disappeared! Marvin and Anna, a scatter-brained moth and a studious worker bee, are assigned the duty of finding Fiona and bringing her back to safety. During this 45-minute original musical, children will travel with Marvin and Anna on an epic journey of self-discovery. Along the way, they’ll meet a sassy spider, a dramatic mosquito and a sly fly, all of whom teach an important lesson about how collaboration, cooperation and self-confidence can help save the day!

Two Bugs are Better Than One was originally commissioned by the New York City Children’s Theatre.  The show is on a three-year touring contract through the NYC area, and received an off-Broadway run in 2015.

Performer Credits:
Hector Manuel, Vanessa Spica, Diana Fox

A Whooper's Tale

Book by Jenny Stafford
Music by Russel J. Coutinho
Lyrics by Lynn Sanders

A Whooper’s Tale was originally developed and presented through Theatre Building Chicago’s Young Audiences Program. A Whooper's Tale tells the incredible true story of George Archibald, the ornithologist whose innovative passion kept the whooping crane from going extinct in the early 1970s.  Tex, one of the last whooping cranes born in captivity, believes she's a human and refuses to lay an egg.  It's up to George and the other cranes to help her find her true identity and save her species.  This upbeat show is filled with fun and music while teaching about nature and taking care of the planet.

A Whooper’s Tale was originally developed and presented through Theatre Building Chicago’s Young Audiences Program

Short Works


20-minute musical
Book and Lyrics by Jenny Stafford
Music by Charles Innis 

Based on the 1920s, real-life intelligence test by Lewis Terman, entitled “A Study of the Intellectual Processes of Seven Bright Boys and Seven Stupid Boys,” this musical follows Terman as he tries his intelligence test on two boys he’s already determined to be “smart” or “stupid.”  A story about self-identity, and how we and the world determine our worth. 

CornFoxGoose received a reading at New York University, and was a finalist for a NYC short film grant. 

Performer Credits:
Stephen Mark, Patrick Burr, Alex Rivera

To Have and To Hold

15-minute musical
Book and Lyrics by Jenny Stafford
Music by Willem Oosthuysen 

When Eric and Ashley hire a married couple to act as marriage counselors for them, they get more than they bargained for. 

To Have and To Hold was originally written for and produced by Prospect Theatre Company, and was later produced as part of Barrington Stage’s “Musical Shorts.” 



10-minute play
By Jenny Stafford 

Brothers-in-law Will and Eddie try to mend their relationship by going ice fishing.  However, when they pull a magical armadillo out of the ice, their relationship is truly tested. 

Skittles received second prize in the McLean Drama Company Playwriting Competition, and was presented at the Woolley Mammoth Theatre in Washington, D.C. 

The Envelope

One-Act Play
By Jenny Stafford 

In this absurd dark comedy, Timmy and Mikey are strangers who meet when Timmy sees Mikey standing on the side of the road, holding out an envelope.  Timmy, determined to escape his boring, hopeless life, finds himself desperate to know what’s inside Mikey’s envelope.  Mikey, with a secret and a mission of his own, just wants to be left alone.  As the two argue, cajole, punch, faint, fake, and joke their way to getting what they want, they eventually find themselves wondering what it is that they’re actually trying to get from each other.   

The Envelope was produced as part of the Gallery Players Black Box New Play Festival. 

Performer Credits:
Jenny Stafford and Kevin Velez

It's Me

10-minute musical

Book by Tyrone Robinson and Jenny Stafford
Lyrics by Jenny Stafford
Music by Minjoung Hwang 

Renee, a depressed dental hygienist, can’t wait to attend her high school reunion and relive the days when her life was wonderful—and try to rekindle the spark with her high school sweetheart.  However, when she gets there, no one remembers who she is. 

It’s Me was produced by the Midtown Theatre Festival in NYC.