“Extended Stay has a fascinating premise—strangers meet at a rundown Midwest extended-stay hotel—and intriguing characters. Three young adults, each broken in some way, come together.  But will they help each other or harm each other? The music was tuneful, and the show was surprisingly funny for a plot that has some deeper material at its core.  Creators Jenny Stafford and Scotty Arnold…have some memorable songs—especially “The Crossroads of America,” opener, and a clever tune about the joys of a well-worn bathrobe. (Really!)”
–Matthew J. Palm, Orlando Sentinel

“For theatregoers who like to laugh and think, Beating a Dead Horse is a winner...the audience is roaring.”
-Connie Shakalis, Herald Times

"It's rare that you come across such a nonstop funny show. From beginning to end, it's just flat-out hilarious. The characters are fun, and the show is a great escape from pretty much everything right now."
-Chad Rabinovitz, Herald Times

Jenny Stafford’s book is an actor’s delight: in spare, taut scenes, she creates interesting, multi-layered individuals, wrestling with their own vulnerabilities as they cautiously fumble towards connection. By smartly keeping the text emotionally restrained, she allows the actors to find deep wells of feeling. She is also a lyricist in command of her craft — in one highlight, she deftly sketches out the agony of an art-house-cinema date (the kind of disastrous evening that you are pretty sure unfolds at the Angelika on a regular basis.)
–Rob Hartmann,

Lyricist Jenny Stafford was featured in William Finn’s Songs By Ridiculously Talented Composers and Lyricists You Probably Don’t Know, But Should — and forgive me for being presumptuous, but I think we can all agree that the guy knows what he’s talking about? Her work has been performed in every major NMT venue in New York, from Joe’s Pub to Don’t Tell Mama, and this spring, the Broadway’s Future Songbook Series gave her her own spotlight concert.
–Keurim Hurr,

Inventive and deeply moving…the show is smart, witty, funny, and deeply emotional — with great empathy for all its characters.
–Rob Hartmann,

A highly ambitious and complex new musical…musically, the show moves in an arc that is in sync with the book…as the show progresses, the songs become richer and more lushly romantic
–Howard Miller, Talkin’ Broadway

…this show is hysterically fun and dramatically beautiful.
–Donna Scumaci,

Touching, humorous, bold, and poignant, each piece brought something new to the table…the level of talent was unmistakable.

“Two Bugs are Better Than One,” is a prime example of this goal. After conducting much research on the topic, they found that many pre-schoolers experience difficulties connecting with others in school settings. Thus, “Two Bugs are Better Than One” addresses these issues by showing the benefit of two strong individual bugs working together as a team.
–Nora Fried,